Important Note

Headlight customization services are unavailable through April 2018 as I will be living in Japan from August 2016 through April 2018. During that time, I can gladly assist with putting together a retrofitting package with all the components you need, but CBP Lightwerks LLC will be unable to perform any headlight surgery services. I will supply any DIY customers technical support to help them through their builds when they purchase their parts from CBP Lightwerks LLC.

After reading through the applicable sections below, you can use the following link to request a quote1 or schedule your service.

Installation of any parts into a set of housings that you send to or buy from us will require purchasing the parts first. Labor and return shipping charges are billed when the work is complete.

HID Projector Retrofitting

Labor prices vary by projector:

  • Morimoto Mini H1: starts at $160
  • Morimoto Matchbox: starts at $200
  • Morimoto Mini D2S, FX-R EVO-XR: starts at $240
  • Retro-Quik Systems: starts at $200
  • All OEM Projectors: starts at $300
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This is the process of upgrading to a HID projector to get the most out of an HID lighting system. Drop-in kits are cheap and simple, but they are not how it was meant to be. To get the most out of a HID kit you must also install HID projectors. This goes for headlights with halogen projectors as well.

Even a car already equipped with HID projectors already can benefit from upgraded projectors, older ones will burn up the chrome in the bowls and performance will not excite the way it did when you first turned them on. There is a wide range of projectors and all projectors are not created equal.

Most headlight housings can be retrofitted to fit a HID projector, and it’s our specialty. We also sell complete retrofit kits for those who wish to undertake this daunting task themselves. We sell kits with either Morimoto or OEM projectors.

How does the retrofit service work?

You have a couple options here:

  1. You send the set of lights you want retrofitted to us.
  2. You buy a set of housings from us. We have many available for most makes and models. Carid is one of our vendors, so anything on can be purchased directly through CBP Lightwerks LLC and modified to your liking. Don’t forget, if housings and a complete retrofit system is bought from CBP Lightwerks LLC, the installation rate is 25% off.

We will keep you updated on progress while your retrofit is in our shop. Once you are satisfied with the product via pictures, we seal them up and ship the completed retrofit to you.

We do not loan lights, so you will need to have the car off the road for a while or buy a second set as suggested in option 2.

There’s no risk involved, if we break your lights, we’ll get a new set to use.

What’s included:

  • Morimoto RetroRubber sealant to ensure a good seal at the lens.
  • Goretex patches added to vents, and possibly more vents drilled to help prevent condensation on cold days.
  • Wiring up all the headlight internals to ensure a plug and play install for you.
  • Projector shrouds installed.
  • Installing all bulbs.

Clear Lens Install

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Some OEM projectors come with fresnel lenses that diffuse the light a little, giving your beam pattern a bit of a fuzzy cutoff. A clear lens swap can give you the crisp cutoff with a nice color flicker at the top. This service is $25.

Painting Headlight Internals

Starts at $100.

Installing Halos or LED Strips

Halo installation rates start at first halo $80. Each additional halo is $25. Rates are double for perma-sealed housings if the halo installation is not part of another job such as projector retrofitting. If halos are in addition to a projector retrofit, initial halo/strip is $50, additional halo/strips $25.

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There are many options when it comes to halos or strips. Halos can be mounted around projector lenses, inside shrouds, inside shrouds facing backward to create an ambient lighting effect, etc.

Installation includes mounting and internal housing wiring.

  • Installing Demon Eyes

    The Morimoto Demon Eye Kit installation is $80, or $50 if done as part of a projector retrofit.

    A custom LED demon eye set up is $100. Contact us for color options. The LEDs are even replaceable in most cases.

    Painting the shields is $100.

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    Demon eyes are an effect created by installing a LED where it can shine through the projector lens to illuminate it when the projector isn’t on. In the past they typically were done in red, hence the name demon eye. The color of the LED gets completely washed out when the projector turns on, so even if you have them red, you can just turn on your lights, and the red appears to go away.

    One other way to get a sort of colored glow is to paint the shield of the projector. This option doesn’t have any parts to fail, but isn’t really noticeable at night.

    Morimoto makes a color changing kit, that even has brackets for a couple of their projectors. We can also custom wire one for you in just a single color.

  • Warranty Service

    No cost for fixing problems with workmanship. However, shipping the parts is at buyer’s expense.

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    Service Warranty

    Workmanship covers installation of any parts that we mount, not any parts themselves. Any part that was purchased from us and installed into the housings is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, not by CBP Lightwerks LLC, but we do handle the processing of them. Contact us, not the manufacturer, if a part bought from CBP Lightwerks LLC goes out under its warranty period.

    If any parts we installed such as halos, projectors, shrouds, strips, bulbs, demon eyes, etc; come loose as long as you own the lights, just ship them back and they will be fixed at no additional labor charge. However, if an installed part under warranty fails and needs warranty replacement; it will be covered as a part warranty, but labor and shipping charges for installing the new part will apply.