mk5 Jetta Mini H1 6.0 Retrofit




mk5 VW Jetta Mini H1 6.0 Retrofit

Tired of the same old look, and not being able to see at night in your Jetta. Not loving the Ebay halo projector or cheap looking LED options either? How about something as unique as it is functional? Mk5 Jettas don’t have a lot of good looking as well as affordable performance lights.

This VW Jetta Retrofit Package takes brand new housings, and adds Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 projectors. The Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 projectors paired with a H-Series 3Five Elite HID System, H-Series XB35 Elite HID System, or even the Denso AMP OEM HID System will make you wonder how you ever drove at night before without hitting anything.

Choose from GTI-R, Bullet, Orbit, Apollo 1.0, Apollo 2.0 Round, Apollo 3.0, or Gatling Gun shrouds.

The Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 projectors are warranted for 3 years and only recommended with a 35W HID system. Using a 50W HID system will void your warranty.

Workmanship is guaranteed for as long as the you own the headlights.

The Morimoto Elite HID System with 3Five or XB35 bulbs is warranted for 5 years, the Denso AMP OEM HID System is warranted for 2 years, as long as there is no moisture damage.

Please allow 7-14 business days to ship once ordered, because these are made to order. You can request updates via email at any time after your order is placed. Shipping to lower 48 states in the US included.

Request a quote via email if you would like options that aren’t shown here.