ACME Standard Retrofit Kit Bi-xenon




ACME Standard Retrofit Kit Bi-xenon

The ACME Standard Retrofit kit is probably the best performing, most reliable budget retrofit kit available anywhere. ACME parts are based on older proven Morimoto designs, so you know it’s good.

The ACME Standard Retrofit Kit has bi-xenon capability and fits in most housings so you really can’t go wrong.

ACME Bi-xenon Projectors

ACME projectors may be inexpensive, but they deliver real performance at the right price. Their standard bi-xenon projectors come with a clear lens and a curved cutoff shield to produce a wide, bright, and respectably sharp beam pattern. Based on older Morimoto designs, they may fall slightly under today’s standards – but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own. For the price we really can’t argue otherwise, and unless you’re a real headlight nerd like us you probably wont notice the difference that spending twice would deliver down the road anyways.

Optional Precision Bulb Holders

Designed by Morimoto in California, the new MotoHolder utilizes a three-piece design that’s way more effective but virtually no bigger overall than the old clip setup. The clever three-piece design provides even pressure on the back of the bulb, ensuring perfect alignment. To be honest, we think it’s the single best upgrade to the projector that’s ever been conceived since it helps make the most of the awesome 7.0’s on the road. Well worth the extra few bucks in the grand scheme of things!

ACME SpeedyStart HID Ballasts

ACME SpeedyStart Ballasts go zero to full intensity in just 3.5 seconds! Their external igniters and high voltage wiring is shielded to help mitigate EMI interference (radio static) so it’s unlikely that these ballasts will disturb your stereo. They may not have some of the bells, whistles, or warranty that the more expensive options offer, but they certainly check the box when it comes to bang for the buck.

ACME H1 Bulbs

ACME HID Bulbs are also based on older generation Morimoto products. Precise alignment, accurate color temps, and ultra-low failure rate. They truly are the standard others strive for!

Wire Harness

Get more power to your bulbs for maximum efficiency. Morimoto’s relay harnesses are the best in the market, and easily worth their premium price. Morimoto harnesses features triple-sealed central relay packs, 14ga stranded copper wiring, over-molded fittings, and plug-n-play functionality. This will ensure everything properly (and permanently) works with your vehicle’s original in-cabin controls.

Optional Canbus Harnesses: Recommended for vehicles that recognize when a bulb is out, these contain a series of capacitors and resistors to trick the car into thinking nothing has changed and help you avoid annoying “bulb out” warnings. We generally recommend them for use on most modern European applications instead of normal harnesses since they do a great job at providing stable power to the ballasts and canceling any warnings.

What’s Included


  • APPLICATIONS: Universal / Size Allowing
  • CAPABILITIES: Both Low & High Beam
  • PROJECTOR DEPTH: 139mm (includes bulb holder)
  • PROJECTOR LENS: 2.5 Inches (diameter)
  • MOUNTING SHAFT: 20mm diameter (H4/H7 direct fit)
  • WIRE HARNESS: Match your original bulb size
  • SHROUDS: All styles (centric rings included if req’d)
  • LED HALOS: Varies according to shroud style

Tech Specs

  • BALLAST MAX V: 23kV (at start-up)
  • BALLAST LIFESPAN: 2000 Hours
  • BALLAST WARM UP: 3.5 Seconds
  • BALLAST Input Current: <5 AMP
  • 4300K BULBS: Warm White (~3000 lm)
  • 5000K BULBS: Pure White (~2800 lm)
  • 6000K BULBS: Cool White (~2500 lm)
  • 8000K BULBS: Crisp Blue (~2200 lm)

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in

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