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CBP Lightwerks LLC is not responsible for any damage caused to your vehicle, its headlights, or any injury that may result due to modification and/or improper installation of any product’s from our store. Basically, when you install the parts on your car, you assume all risks involved.

You should be aware that all modification to headlights may put them out of compliance with regulatory laws governing vehicle lighting in your city/state/country.

Privacy Policy

CBP Lightwerks LLC will not sell any of your information. Information collected is only for purchases and contact and never given out.

If you use a credit card to buy from this site, PayPal has that information, we don’t even see it. The only information we have on record is billing and shipping addresses.

We may ask to use pictures of your lights after you install them in the website gallery or on the CBP Lightwerks LLC Facebook page.

Return Policy

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Returns accepted within 30 days of purchase date on all items, except for retrofits and custom work. 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the total refund if the return is accepted. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Be aware that images sometimes vary. CBP Lightwerks LLC always carries the latest products from our vendors. If a picture appears to be outdated on the website, feel free to ask. As operation will always be the same or better, differences in appearance are not covered under warranty and are subject to restocking fees and return shipping costs as stated above.

Contact CBP Lightwerks LLC via email to initiate a return. Note that all return parts must be in like new condition. Any blemishes that would make them unsellable will void a return, use your best judgement in making that call before attempting to return. The part would be returned and billed to original sender.

Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. All returns must be insured for the full amount of the original invoice. If a return is received that is damaged in shipping, we will make a claim with the shipping company. If we lose the claim due to insufficient packaging or insurance coverage, your return will not be accepted. Please package all returns with great care and insure them for the full amount you paid, if in doubt, have the part packaged for you by a professional at the shipping location.

Cancellation Policy

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Orders cancelled before they ship do not incur any additional costs. This isn’t always possible depending on the order. Orders for not in stock are drop-shipped directly from the vendor. Their cancellation policies vary, and our largest vendor does not allow for cancellations. Make absolutely sure you are ready to buy before submitting the order. Free cancellation is not guaranteed.

Orders cancelled after they ship: are charged shipping costs and 20% restocking fee. For orders that were shipped with free shipping, the shipping cost that was waived will also be deducted from the refund amount if applicable. This is the policy of our vendors, so we follow suit.

Warranty Information

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For retrofit and other install services, the install workmanship warranty length matches the warranty length on the part installed. Workmanship covers the installation quality only. If something CBP Lightwerks LLC installed comes loose, send it in and the fix is free. This is a different case from an installed part failing within the warranty period, see below for more information.

We are not responsible for the workmanship of the headlight housings used as we do not manufacture them ourselves.

If the headlights are being retrofitted with HID projectors or other accent lighting, the original manufacturer warranty on the housings is void. You will only have the workmanship and added components warranties in this case. All parts warranties are handled through CBP Lightwerks LLC, not the manufacturer. Please contact us for warranty claims.

If a part installed by CBP Lightwerks LLC fails in the warranty period, the part is covered, but re-installation is charged at the standard install rates stated on our Services pages. In some cases it may be necessary to install additional parts such as new projector shrouds if they must be damaged to replace something mounted internally such as a projector, demon eye, or halo.

We keep the original adjusters intact. Some headlights have better adjusters than others. If you buy a cheap eBay set of lights and it won’t go high enough, that is the fault of the housing manufacturer, not CBP Lightwerks LLC. It’s also possible to add washers or bushings at the headlight mounting bolts to get the housings to point a little higher or further left or right.

Installation should be performed by a professional, if you break something during install, your warranty will likely be void.


Parts from other manufacturers that we carry and sell, are covered by the warranty provided by the part manufacturers. Make sure to save all invoices someplace safe, we cannot process without the original invoice. Invoices are sent to the original purchaser’s email.

All Diode Dynamics products carry a 3 year warranty and worry-free returns.

Parts must be returned to CBP Lightwerks LLC for warranty processing. Contact CBP Lightwerks for RMA processing if there is an issue. Contact email: brian.moriya@cbplightwerks.com