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Fluted Lenses and Retrofits

I get a lot of requests for projector retrofits into housings with fluted lenses where the owners swear up and down that the fluted lenses won’t affect beam output. There are even people who believe that because their housings are Ecode housings, the beam is somehow immune to the effect of the flutes.

I’m in this business to improve lighting, not for gimmicks or to take somebody’s money without giving them an actual measurable improvement over their previous lighting system. It’s all about performance for me.

Putting a projector behind fluted lenses negates the entire point of having the projector in the first place. It’s an additional refracting lens that takes the focused, crisp beam pattern from your projector and just throws it all over the place just like a halogen reflector would because that is what a fluted lens is. It is part of the halogen reflector system in lights which utilize fluted lenses.

Not everybody understands, or is interested in, the physics so let’s show them with a real world example.

Here is the beam pattern of a Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 projector behind Hella fluted Ecode glass from a mk3 Jetta or Vento (depending on where you are from).


Here is what it is supposed to look like.

Morimoto Mini H1 6.0 Bi-xenon Projectors 5_1.0 Bi-xenon Projectors 5
See how the step is blurred, and doesn’t match the markings made when the lenses were not in place? Also notice how the hot spot is just kind of a blob? That means a lot of your light you just paid to focus is being thrown all over including into oncoming drivers’ windshields. It’s no longer focused and the retrofit has been a waste of money. The hot spot is also not distributed evenly throughout your horizontal field of view.

The second photo is how a proper HID setup should look. Crisp, clean, and evenly distributed.

This is why I don’t perform retrofits on fluted lenses. I’m not trying to waste anybody’s time or money and I am not trying to put products out there that other drivers at risk. Show cars are a different story and the only times I will do a retrofit where a clear lens isn’t available.